The FACT launch on WingRiders Lanchpad

Nov 17, 2023

The Launch of Oracle Orcfax's Token: A Mixed Bag of Success and Challenge

The much-anticipated launch of Oracle Orcfax's token on the @wingriderscom launchpad recently took place, marking a significant event in the digital currency landscape. However, the launch was not without its hiccups. Numerous users reported difficulties in participating in the event, leading to a widespread perception of unfairness. This raised questions about the integrity and inclusivity of the launch process.

Investigating the Root Cause: Interface, not Contracts

In response to these concerns, we engaged in detailed discussions with the Wingrider team and meticulously reviewed their public documentation. Our investigation revealed that the primary cause of these issues lay in the Wingrider interface itself rather than the smart contracts. This distinction is crucial, as it shifts the focus of resolution from the more complex contractual framework to the more manageable realm of user interface design.

Random Selection Process: A Fair Play

Further analysis involved cross-referencing statements from the WingRiders Team with on-chain evidence from the launch. This examination brought to light a fascinating fact: the distribution of users who successfully participated in the launch closely mirrored those who did not. This pattern suggests that the selection process for participation was, in fact, random. This finding dispels concerns of bias or favoritism (e.g., towards 'whales' or large stakeholders) in the selection mechanism used by the frontend, bolstering the argument for the fairness of the process.

Frontend Issues: A Solvable Problem

The investigation concluded that the primary concern surrounding this presale was related to the frontend interface. While this presented challenges for users, it is a relatively solvable problem compared to potential issues like manipulation by buyers or flaws in the smart contract level. If such deeper systemic issues had been present, they would likely have been manifested in an uneven distribution of buyers, which was not the case here.

Conclusion: A Learning Curve with Positive Outlook

The launch of Oracle Orcfax's token on the Wingrider platform, while marred by initial challenges, has provided valuable insights. As the focus turns towards resolving frontend issues, there is optimism that future launches can be more seamless and user-friendly, enhancing trust and participation in digital currency ecosystems.

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