Early Token Distribution, Team selling, and Vesting Schedules and Their Effect on Risk

Sep 9, 2022

About the Report

A tweet by @Alex_ADA_ (https://twitter.com/Alex_ADA_) suggested that SundaeSwap, a popular DEX, and its team were selling tokens that appeared to be meant for the SundaeSwap team based on a vesting schedule. The tokens in question seemed to originate from a particular wallet. Initially, there was speculation that these transactions were from a high-earning liquidity provider. But, after deeper research, Xerberus determined that the transactions came from an early investor or a significant holder, not the core SundaeSwap team. During their study, Xerberus identified six wallets that regularly received tokens and were confirmed as early investor wallets by SundaeSwap. Given these findings, Xerberus believes it's a good time to discuss the best practices concerning token selling by teams and early investors, and when such sales are viewed positively or negatively by the community.

Read the Full Report here: https://docsend.com/view/b2y8z8w3d53nzxnu

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